Passionate and caring staff are at the heart of BBYO Passport. Our programs are led by a highly selective group of educators, community professionals, logistical managers, and madrichim (counselors)—all of whom are backed up by our year-round leadership team.


Our team - Robyn Judelsohn
Robyn Judelsohn

Chief Movement Experiences Officer, BBYO

In her role, Robyn works with the Passport team to elevate the program offerings for summer travel and leadership experiences, as well as strengthen program content. Robyn is also responsible for the logistics of BBYO International Convention, an annual event which serves over 3,000 teens and 5,000 total participants.

Our team - Marni Heller
Marni Heller

Associate Vice President, BBYO Passport

Marni plays a vital role in the success of BBYO Passport by planning, organizing, and running all of our Passport programs. She makes an impact by engaging and inspiring Jewish teens to have unique travel experiences that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Our Team - Fara Gold
Fara Gold

Associate Vice President, Camp Leadership

Fara shares her love and enthusiasm for camp by planning, organizing, and running all our domestic summer camp & leadership programs. She makes an impact by creating experiences that build the foundation for future Jewish leaders while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our team - Alissa Hartnig
Alissa Hartnig

Director, Passport Operations | Israel

Alissa serves as the Director of Passport Operations, where she oversees all necessary operations to send teens abroad successfully and safely on Passport trips to Israel. Alissa grew up in the BBYO movement and, before joining BBYO, professionally served as a volunteer chapter advisor.

Our team - Rachel Horowitz
Rachel Horowitz

Director, Passport Operations | Europe/ROW

As the Director of Passport Operations, Rachel oversees all necessary operations to send teen abroad successfully and safely on Passport trip to Europe and the Americas. Rachel has staffed two BBYO Passport trips and is an alumnus of Central Region East, where she was an active member through high school.

Our team - Terry Hugo
Terry Hugo

Marketing Communications Manager

Terry’s adoration for traveling began in 2019, when he took his first international trip to Europe. As the Marketing Communications Manager, he oversees Passport’s marketing strategy and gets to combine his love for travel with his desire to enrich the lives of Jewish youth.

Our team - Ariel Rosen
Ariel Rosen

Partnership Outreach Director

Ariel is an experienced nonprofit professional with a background in creating meaningful youth experiences. In her role, she leads the partnership recruitment effort to bring more Jewish teens on Passport trips in the summer. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Ariel was involved with her local BBG chapter throughout high school.

Our team - Jillian Mann
Jillian Mann

Movement Experiences Recruitment Manager

An alumnus of Eastern Region, Jillian joined BBYO in 2018 working as an Associate Regional Director for the same region she was a teen. Now serving as the Movement Experiences Recruitment Manager, Jillian works with BBYO Regions, teens, and families to find the perfect BBYO summer program for all!

Our team - Arielle Handel
Ari Handel

Director, Inclusion

Ari Handel, LSW, supports teens throughout all programs with any needed accommodations, modifications, and support. Ari hires and supervises all wellness staff, including a team of social workers, nurses, and doctors at residential programs. Ari is certified to train Youth Mental Health First Aid and Teen Mental Health First Aid.

Sabrina Moore
Sabrina Moore

Senior Manager, Customer Service

Sabrina has been working with BBYO since 1990 (that’s more than 30 years)! She oversees BBYO Passport’s Customer Service department and handles anything related to Passport scholarships, finances, CampDocs, and Camp Meds. She loves helping families ensure a smooth, easy travel experience for their teen.

Our Team - Randi Diamond
Randi Diamond

Senior Customer Service Specialist

Hailing from South Florida, Randi is a Gold Coast Region alumnus and former Associate Regional Director! As a Customer Service Specialist, she loves to help parents find the right trip for their teen and works with them to ensure their comfort level and needs are met from start to finish.

Our team - Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson

Customer Service Specialist

Melanie is excited to join the Customer Service team as the lead specialist on RootOne and One Happy Camper grants, as well as Passport community service. She’s a BBYO alumnus of Central Region West and currently serves as an advisor in Rocky Mountain Region.

Our team - Lawrence Horowitz
Lawrence Horowitz

Customer Service Specialist

Lawrence received his B.A. in Political Science from Colorado State University in 2019. He also recently received his M.A. in Public Affairs from Indiana University. As a member of the Customer Service team, he works with families on medical communications, missing information, and any other Passport inquiries.

Our team - Becca Gittleson
Becca Gittleson

Customer Service Specialist

Becca is eager to help Jewish teens discover and prepare for unforgettable Summer Experiences with BBYO Passport as a member of the Customer Service team. She will spearhead questions that families have regarding our March of the Living teen delegation.



Our team of passionate staff comes together each summer to lead our experiences—with 52% returning year after year. Our team members are rigorously selected, carefully trained, and they bring a passion for inspirational education.

Want to join our team? Apply to staff a summer experience!

“My madrich was hands-on the entire trip! When we needed someone to be a little more strict, he never strayed, and when we needed someone to lighten the mood, he always jumped in to make us laugh! He was such an important part of my whole experience!”

–Joel B., Summer Participant