Packing Advice


Preparing for the Weather
In Poland, the temperature in Spring can range from the 40’s to the 70’s, and it frequently rains. In Israel, the weather will be warmer and may range from the 60’s to the 80’s. In most areas of Israel, the heat is dry and there is very little humidity. The chance of rain in Israel is very low during our travel dates. Because weather can vary greatly during this time of the year, please check the forecast for Poland (Warsaw or Krakow) and Israel (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) when packing. Whenever we plan to be outside for an extended period of time in Israel, participants will be required to have a hat, a shirt with sleeves, sunscreen, and water. Over-exposure to the hot Israeli sun can cause heatstroke, dehydration, and sunburn. This rule is an important one and strictly enforced. Shirts without sleeves including cut-offs and tank tops will not be permitted outside of the hotel.

Pack Appropriately for Religious Sites
Since we will be visiting sacred and religious sites during the program. In these locations, it is custom to keep knees and shoulders covered, please pack accordingly. Specifically, when visiting the Kotel, girls should wear long flowy skirts, similar to a maxi skirt. Tight pants are not appropriate. On Shabbat, we ask that teens wear nicer clothing than what would be worn during the normal touring week; this helps to create a unique Shabbat atmosphere. For reference, you may wear similar clothing that you would wear on Shabbat at camp!

Special Items You Will Receive
March of the Living provides a light hooded jacket and light (not sturdy) backpack. BBYO Passport provides a program hat, which must be worn at all times along with a t-shirt and luggage tags. You will also receive a lanyard nametag which must be worn at all times.

Please Note: It is important that you pack a change of clothes, toiletries, contact lenses and prescription medication in your
carry-on luggage, in case your checked luggage is delayed in transit.

Staff Tip:
Evenings in Israel tend to get chilly quickly – frequently into the 50’s or 60’s. Because we will not always return to our accommodations to change before an evening activity, always bring a day-pack with a windbreaker, long-sleeved shirt, or light sweater... layering is key!

To be used as a guideline only (based on the 2-week trip, without doing laundry.

What We Recommend

  • 8 t-shirts (no tank tops)
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 4 pairs of jeans or long pants
  • 14 pairs of underwear & socks
  • 6 long sleeve shirts
  • 1 fleece or jacket
  • 1 White shirt (Yom Hazikaron)
  • Pajamas or sleepwear
  • Shabbat/nicer outfits (modest) plus longer skirts/shirts for Kotel, etc. (3)
  • Nicer shoes for Shabbat
  • Sturdy walking shoes (closed-toed)
  • 1 Bathing suit + beach towel
  • 1 pair of water shoes (the Dead Sea)
  • 1-2 hats for protection from the sun


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap, razor, deodorant, etc.
  • Glasses
  • Contact lens case, solution, and spare contact lenses
  • Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
  • Feminine hygiene products


  • Passport and photocopy of passport (must be valid for at least six months after our return date)
  • Toilet paper(Unavailable at some Polish rest stops)
  • Sunglasses
  • Light Backpack
  • Mini packages of Kleenex, chapstick, and anti-bacterial soap or wipes
  • Portable Charger
  • Copy of prescriptions in case medicine is lost
  • Mini-flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Voltage adapter/converter
  • Kippah for Shabbat, if it is your custom
  • Medication (recommended to be packed in your carry-on)
  • Backpack to bring on the bus each day with an extra layer of clothing

What We Do NOT Recommend

  • Linens, pillows or sleeping bag
  • Luggage that is not easily carried
  • Expensive jewelry or other valuables
  • Heavy backpack or hiking boots
  • Laptops or expensive electronics

While BBYO staff may have over the counter medicine (i.e. cough drops, Tylenol, Band-Aids, etc.), it will be limited and teens are expected to have their own supply on the program.

Special Notes: Pack a change of clothes, toiletries, contact lenses and prescription medication in your carry-on luggage in case your checked luggage is delayed in transit.

Theft is not uncommon in any place where a large number of tourists congregate, and there have been instances in Israel in the past. Accordingly, we encourage you to leave valuable items at home and to carefully keep track of anything valuable that you do bring on the program. As a general rule, hotel rooms should always remain locked. However, even a locked hotel room should not be considered a secure area unless a safe with a lock is available. If you bring a lock for your suitcase, locking it in the room is an option. If it is possible to bring a locking suitcase, we recommend it, although it is not a solution by itself. Teen property is the sole responsibility of the teen.

Bring comfortable walking shoes! We will be doing a lot of walking, and having comfortable shoes is important! Flip flops will not be allowed when we are on the move, and while athletic sandals like Tevas or Chacos are fine most days in Israel, they are not appropriate for days when we have hikes/nature walks. It is not necessary to bring hiking boots. Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes are more than sufficient for all programming.


A special laundry service will be pre-scheduled shortly after arrival in Israel. Laundry is done on an individual basis by participants. Participants can expect to pay approximately $10-$12 per load (Israeli shekels only) depending on the weight of the clothing. Participants will be given laundry bags to fill, and your clean clothing will be returned in those same bags. We encourage participants to pair up as a room when doing laundry so that whites and colors are combined in separate loads. Finally, we recommend that participants label clothing in advance that will be sent to the laundry service. BBYO Passport and its tour providing partners are not responsible for any clothing lost or damaged by the laundry service.

If you are taking prescription medication, bring enough for the duration of the program as well as an extra written prescription record in case you misplace or  lose your medicine. Take all medication (OTC and prescription) on the plane with you in your carry-on luggage. Do NOT pack any medication with your checked baggage. The same applies to contact lenses. Please review TSA restrictions on traveling with medication and liquids.

If you are musically inclined and willing to bring your instrument, please feel free to do so! There will be plenty of occasions to showcase your skills. Remember that as with any other valuable item, bringing an instrument on the program is done at your own risk of loss or damage.

The electrical plugs in Israel are different than North American ones, with two rounded prongs that are separated slightly further apart. Therefore, you will need a voltage converter if you are bringing electronic items (unless they have a built-in one), as well as an adapter for plugging in your items. If you are unsure of which plugs to purchase, check with your local electronics or travel store. A travel adapter can be purchased online and should be no more than $5.

As with most hotels, the majority of the ones visited will supply small bottles of basic toiletries (shampoo, body wash, etc.) Though, it is always a good idea to pack a small amount to have on hand.


Staying Connected

Parents of teens will automatically receive email notifications including updates from the road and a link to new pictures posted from the group. Additionally, friends and family will be able to sign-up to receive these same updates by filling out a short online form.

Prior to using your cell phone abroad, please contact your cell phone provider to understand the costs associated with international roaming. If you wish to rent a cell phone or SIM card (for unlocked phones only), please review the options below.

Cell Phone and SIM Card Rental Options
We have compiled a list of several cell phone and SIM card rental options. Review all of your available options with our partner, 019 Mobile.

For parents and friends who wish to contact a teen during the program, keep in mind that Israel is seven hours ahead of Eastern Time. Please also remember that the use of communication devices during scheduled program time will not be permitted.

Some of the hotels, kibbutzim, and guest houses that we stay at will have internet stations and/or Wi-Fi available which teens are welcome to use during
free time, usually for an additional fee. We strongly suggest that you do not bring a laptop on the program or any other expensive communication devices as the risk of theft or damage is very high.

Thank you for taking the time to read this manual in its entirety. Do not forget to refer back to the checklist found on page 4.  We look forward to having you join us on this incredible journey. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions.