BBYO Passport program fees include basic medical insurance that covers treatment and medication; however, it will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. This means that the policy covers treatment for issues like a stomach bug, a broken limb, or dehydration, without any out-of-pocket expenses or paperwork. The policy does not cover any medical conditions for which a participant is already being treated or for which treatment has been received in the past. This exclusion rule also applies to all psychological care. For this reason, participants are required to come on the program with their own medical insurance policy, which includes coverage for short-term travel abroad. In the event that a participant needs to be treated for a pre-existing condition during the program, the parents of the participant will be solely responsible for any associated costs.

Review a summary of our medical insurance terms.

If you are extending your stay in Israel, your local medical insurance can be extended as well at a cost of $2.50/Day. Please contact us for additional details.


Jewish Travel for TeensAll teens are encouraged to sign-up for a travel insurance policy to protect their investment and plan for the unexpected. We have partnered with Travel Insured International to provide a discounted group travel insurance option. The cost of the travel insurance policy is based on the total cost of the program and other domestic travel expenses. Plan coverage information is available through our general resources- insurance webpage. Insurance can be purchased in your registration account. Policies may be purchased up until the date you make full payment for the program.

We also HIGHLY encourage you to purchase travel insurance for coverage against cancellations, lost luggage, theft and more. Plan coverage information is available online in our General Resources webpage. Travel insurance can be purchased in your registration account.