We hope you will take the time to review this document in its entirety. In particular, please ensure that you have:

  • Arranged travel to/from the departure airport or the pre-approved meeting point and submitted your travel plans to us.
  • Uploaded a copy of your passport and ensured that it is valid for at least six months after our return date.
  • Added a travel insurance policy (optional).
  • Arranged for a local SIM or phone (optional) rental.
  • Joined the program Whatsapp group for either teens or parents. (Only teen participants will be accepted into the teen group.)
  • “Liked” BBYO Passport on Facebook – this is where we’ll post photo albums over the summer.
  • Reviewed the Program Rules & Expectations together as a family.
  • Reviewed the packing advice in this document.
  • Reviewed BBYO Passport's commitment to:
  • Reviewed your Israel trip specific FAQ Page and General FAQs page:
  • Made a plan for accessing spending money during the program.
  • Submitted all forms to your account: Physical Medical Form, Traveler’s Health Form, Passport Information, Flight Options, Traveler’s Insurance, Parent Release Form, Teen Release Form, 2021 Clearance Form.

Staff Tip: If you're connecting two summer experiences, you will receive a separate guide for each program along with details on how the connection between the programs.