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Welcome to BBYO Passport — the leader in travel for Jewish teens and their families!

Journey with us and explore a world of meaningful travel opportunities on five continents. Our programs embrace pluralistic Jewish values and provide opportunities for inspiration, connection, and community. Plus, prior affiliation with BBYO is not necessary to participate in any BBYO Passport experience!

  • BBYO Passport represents BBYO's groundbreaking initiative for Jewish travel and service learning experiences. Organized in partnership with Authentic Israel, a leading educational travel provider, BBYO Passport combines the best of informal education and travel expertise.

    BBYO is the leading worldwide, pluralistic Jewish youth movement currently spanning 33 countries and engaging more than 40,000 teens. For over ninety years, BBYO has been providing opportunities for Jewish youth to develop their leadership potential and a positive Jewish identity. 
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    Authentic Israel is a leading organizer of Jewish travel for youth, young adults, and families. At the heart of Authentic Israel is a team of operational professionals and licensed guides who are deeply committed to sharing their love for Israel and Jewish travel experiences.
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  • While each BBYO Passport experience is unique, they share these common programmatic goals:


    Teens will develop a sense of being part of a community of travelers - living in the same space, sharing meaningful experiences, and forming lasting friendships.


    Teens will develop a love and appreciation for Jewish Life in all its forms around the world while embracing values of mutual respect and learning.


    Teens will engage in experiences outside of their comfort zone, and will return home with greater confidence, sense of self, and independence.


    Teens will be exposed to new cultures and ideas, and in so doing will develop the capacity to see their own life from a broader perspective.


    Teens will benefit from invaluable connections with their trip staff, viewing their staff as role models.


    Each experience optimizes fun while maximizing safety; teens will be able live the fullest expression of adventure travel without fear.
  • BBYO Passport encompasses the following major program areas:


    Our exceptional summer experiences offer what school and other activities don’t always provide. We give teens the opportunity to stand up for things they believe in, learn leadership skills and lead initiatives, build confidence and character, make an impact and form deep, lifelong relationships. This all happens in safe environments while having a ton of fun! [ EXPLORE MORE ] 
    BBYO does Israel like no other. With experiences focused on leadership, adventure and discovery, each trip incorporates Jewish history, culture and community using Israel as a classroom and playground. 

    BBYO Stand UP
    In exciting community-based destinations around the world, BBYO Stand UP experiences are perfect for teens who want to travel, immerse themselves in a new culture, give back to a community and have a ton of fun along the way! 

    Ambassadors experiences are unique opportunities for participants to travel with peers from the program’s host country and build a global network of friends. Combine touring, service and exploration for an immersive, authentic experience.

    These travel experiences are a great way for active, thrill-seeking participants to get to know the lay of a new land. Hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and zip lining are just a few of the adventures that await.

    A journey of Discovery in some of Europe's most fascinating locales creates an exceptional summer experience for teens. Through cultural exploration, teens gain a new appreciation for history, understand their Jewish heritage, and make connections with their peers.

    BBYO offers specific leadership options during the summer months for AZA and BBG Members. These programs take Jewish values, community service, and brotherhood and sisterhood, and apply them to a curriculum that develops leadership skills for life.


    A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the March of the Living is a two-week journey for teens from around the world, offered each spring. Participants come together with Holocaust survivors to bear witness to the Holocaust in Poland and celebrate the Jewish Homeland in Israel. [ EXPLORE MORE ]


    High school graduates can go Beyond with BBYO’s gap year in Israel. The five or nine month experience weaves together a unique balance of academics, experiential travel, enriching education, cultural immersion, community service and Jewish life in Israel.  [ EXPLORE MORE ] 


    With BBYO, everyone’s invited to have fun! We offer fully guided travel experiences in Israel for the whole family. These 8-12 day active tours are designed for all ages with dates scheduled through the summer and winter break seasons.  [ EXPLORE MORE ]